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There are many high-end options in Palermo that cater to (Italian) business traveler but few succeed in satisfying both an Italian and an Anglo-American audience. All too often, 4- and 5-stars don’t treat tourists with the same attention and respect as business travelers, believing the tourist isn’t coming back so why bother. The Hotel Plaza Opera in downtown Palermo is an exception to this unfortunate rule. Just a block from the Teatro Politeama, and surrounded fabulous shops and restaurants, this 46 room hotel offers luxury and service to its clientele. Numerous clients of mine have stayed here and have raved about it, mentioning that it deserves a 5-star rather than a 4-star rating. (more…)

Finding a room in Venice can be a daunting task, regardless of the season. Even in the winter months, quaint rooms with value are booked months in advance. Planning ahead is essential, particularly because the hotels and B&Bs with the greatest value and best locations are often small family run affairs with few rooms. Such is the case for Novecento, a nine-room boutique hotel in sestiere San Marco owned by the Romanelli family. (more…)