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Food and travel articles from Antep (Gaziantep) in southeastern Anatolia.

The Zeugma Mosaic Museum opened in Antep in September 2011, giving the world famous mosaics collection a new and modern home. When I visited its precursor in 2008, I was the only visitor in the small museum. It was just me, a few guards, and tens of millions of polychrome tesserae arranged in geometric and figurative patterns. (more…)

Katmer. I estimate it contains at least 100 calories per letter. This typical Antep breakfast food (ideally eaten at around 10am, after a very early breakfast soup), is a paper thin dough envelope filled with kaymak (clotted cream), sugar and bright green local pistachios. This morning Şemsa and I visited Katmerci Zekeriya Usta for her (more…)

I was first introduced to beyran, an Antep specialty, during the Istanbul Eats Kebab Krawl a few weeks back. We ate it (in Istanbul, obviously) at 6pm, which is about 12 hours later than Antepli indulge in this spicy lamb and rice soup. (more…)