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The Mercat de Santa Caterina in Barcelona stocks rovellons in the fall.

This weekend, the NYT Travel section is devoted to Europe and its food and drink. Check out my contribution to the article “Unforgettable Foods” here. I wrote about a seasonal ingredient found in Barcelona’s markets in the fall and share the page with the great Alexander Lobrano, Seth Sherwood, Ingrid K. Williams, and more.

I used to feel unbelievably awkward in fancy restaurants. I guess it’s only natural for someone who used to bus tables. It took years of fine dining to finally feel comfortable at a Michelin-star table, to learn to sit up straight and slough off the paranoia that I was offending the sensibilities of (more…)

Lunch at Mam i Teca, Barcelona

A few weeks ago, after a glorious road trip through Basque Country, Mamma Parla and I stopped in Barcelona for a couple of days. Our objective was to discover restaurants, markets, and shops specializing in locally sourced ingredients. At Mam i Teca we hit the jackpot. (more…)

Lunch at Mam i Teca, Barcelona
Local wild mushrooms served with peppers and asparagus at Mam i Teca.

Barcelona has one of the most cosmopolitan dining scenes in Europe, but for those who want to eat local and get a taste of Catalonian ingredients, there are a number of excellent restaurants where chefs adhere to the “km 0” locavore approach promoted by the local Slow Food chapter. (more…)

Chef Carles Gaig of Michelin-star rated Gaig has opened Porta Gaig, a restaurant in Terminal 1 of the Barcelona Airport. Porta Gaig offers modern Catalan specialties with excellent ingredients and the chef’s signature flare. (more on Scatti di Gusto…)