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MAD Food Camp, Planting Thoughts, Copenhagen
Dr. Herren answers tweeted questions.

The first annual MAD Food Camp Symposium, entitled “Planting Thoughts”, concluded yesterday. The two-day event brought together chefs, farmers, foragers, and scientists from all over the world to confront the future of food. It’s tempting to suppose that the event was an (more…)

You may have noticed that some of the posts here on Parla Food have been of the doom and gloom persuasion of late. I don’t know what else to say, aside from the fact that I see the food culture of the place that I live changing for the worse. Palates are being forcibly homogenized as (more…)

My friend John Regefalk just wrapped up a three-month long stint in Copenhagen doing the greatest and most coveted job in the food world. Not only did he work at Noma, René Redzepi’s critically acclaimed restaurant recently named the best restaurant in the world for the (more…)