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Maybe cuttlefish balls don’t sound like the most appetizing thing on the planet, but they are not what you think. I just don’t know how else to translate polpette di seppie. Cuttlefish meatballs? Anyway, they are bits of cuttlefish, breadcrumbs, and (more…)

Everything about visiting the Vatican Museums during peak tourist season makes me homicidal. Well, there is one redeeming quality about the place. The Museums entrance is a 4 minute bike ride from Pizzarium, Gabriele Bonci’s acclaimed pizza al (more…)

Last night at Antico Arco on the Janiculum Hill, I ordered the tasting menu. Almost every dish was flawless, but the borlotti bean soup with mussels from Taranto and sprigs of fresh thyme was extraordinary. The earthy beans and salty mollusks (more…)

Bronte Pistachio and Fennel/Licorice/Honey gelato at Fata Morgana, Rome

During my lengthy “research” for this piece on my favorite gelato in Rome for, my obsession with Gelateria Fata Morgana (unfortunately for my cardiac health) intensified. I had a pretty silly number of combos and many (more…)

These sheep graze over land that has belonged to some of Rome’s most powerful families: Caffarelli, Rospigliosi, Pallavicini, and Torlonia. Now their all you can eat grass buffet is part of the Parco della Caffarella, a section of the sprawling (more…)