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Today I had lunch at Mercato di Campagna Amica, the weekly farmer’s market near the Circus Maximus. Every weekend through June 27, local producers sell their products including, some prepared foods which can be consumed at wooden tables in (more…)

Organ meats need not be relegated to rustic restaurants specializing in peasant cuisine or posh places capitalizing on a trend. They can be effortlessly interwoven into even the most elegant of menus, as Anthony Genovese has done at Il Pagliaccio. (more…)

Whenever I am in Testaccio, which is often, I make three stops. The first is to Panificio Passi for a sliver of pizza bianca or pizza rossa, the second is to 00100 for another slice of pizza, and the third is to Fata Morgana for gelato. I am clearly a carbo (more…)

Some foods are meant to be both delicious and aesthetically pleasing. Take this cassata siciliana and these tortellini, for example. Other foods are made with absolutely, positively no aesthetic considerations in mind. This seekh (more…)

The walk from New Cross Gate to Blackheath really helps to work up an appetite, so I felt quite entitled to a massive meal at Laicram, a Thai restaurant on a side street just opposite Blackheath station. Kicking off the spice fueled binge, pork and (more…)