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I lack the discipline to write about a place in-situ and often find myself writing about distant locales in unfamiliar places. When I flew to Trieste last week and began to write about a meal I had had in New Orleans in January, it struck me that, for a change, I was writing from a city that was not unlike that of the subject. Both New Orleans (more…)

Guy’s Po Boys is a friendly little cash only sandwich joint on Magazine Street in New Orleans’s Uptown district. I visited a few weeks back with my friend Nat who lives nearby. I trust Nat’s food judgement completely so when he suggested a visit to Guy’s over all the other shops in town, I was already certain of its greatness. (more…)

I can hardly believe I’m writing this. Rome For Foodies, my first native app for iPhone, iPad, and Android smart phones, has just been released and is now available on iTunes and the Android Market (feedback appreciated!!!). The process was hellish, with more delays, sleepless nights and panicked Skype chats with my developers than I wish to remember, but it’s done and I predict the best night’s sleep ever tonight. (more…)

Though Rome is less than 15 miles from the sea, its cuisine has never been dominated by fish. Historically, cod, anchovies, and other preserved fish made up a small part of the mainstream diet, but until the 20th century brought refrigeration (and freezing), most fish remained (more…)

It’s no secret that Copenhagen is one of the world’s best dining cities at the moment. Still, I wasn’t prepared for such a mesmerizing enogastronomic landscape. In fact, I’m still reeling and yesterday began plotting a December return. It’s difficult to sum up the city’s food culture after only a week there, but the dominant characteristics (more…)