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Though Rome is less than 15 miles from the sea, its cuisine has never been dominated by fish. Historically, cod, anchovies, and other preserved fish made up a small part of the mainstream diet, but until the 20th century brought refrigeration (and freezing), most fish remained (more…)

It’s no secret that Copenhagen is one of the world’s best dining cities at the moment. Still, I wasn’t prepared for such a mesmerizing enogastronomic landscape. In fact, I’m still reeling and yesterday began plotting a December return. It’s difficult to sum up the city’s food culture after only a week there, but the dominant characteristics (more…)

My journey to Noma began three months ago while on holiday in Northern Cyprus. I was on the island attending the wedding of some friends and knew if I wanted to eat at Noma in early September, I would have to book online 3 months in advance. I would also need a whole lot of luck. (more…)

I’ve had an avalanche of reader mail about dining in Rome this week and, while I don’t mind answering messages individually, I think sharing information is really important. I have listed some of this Q&A below so upcoming visitors to Rome can benefit. Feel free to add your own questions to the comments section and I will respond to them in an upcoming post. (more…)


Beylerbeyi is a neighborhood on the Istanbul’s Anatolian coast, northeast of Uskudar and just past the First Bosphorus Bridge. The area is dominated by the Beylerbeyi Sarayi, a massive and ornate summer palace built by the Sultan Abdulaziz in the nineteenth century. Beside the palace (more…)