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clamato interior

Clamato is good. Too good. So good that on a trip to Paris in April I ate there twice, first with Mamma Parla alone and then again with our sister-mom-friend Şemsa. Clamato is brought to you by Bertrand Grébaut and Théo Pourriat, the duo behind acclaimed Septime, which happens to be next door. They opened (more…)

alsace marathon
Pretzels and white Alsatian wine are exactly what I crave at mile 24.

Six months ago, I signed up for the Paris Marathon and slowly eased into training, weary of injuries incurred in past years. Whether at the table or on the track, I am prone to extremes and accustomed to working through the pain. As predicted, my knees and hamstrings were the first parts to rebel with (more…)


There aren’t many vineyards around Chassignolles, a miniscule village in the Auvergne. The surroundings are dominated, instead, by vast pine forests and verdant pastures where cows lumber and sheep graze. Yet the sparsely inhabited medieval hamlet is a magnet for wine drinkers who gather (more…)

Gilles Verot is a Parisian charcutier that known the world over for his hams, terrines, salamis, and head cheese. At yesterday’s lunch at Bar Boulud, I started with a gorgeous mixed platter of charcuterie accompanied by pickles, mustard (more…)

BDGB’s “Frenchie” burger has migrated from NYC to London.

London is one of the best places in Europe to eat a great burger. I should know. I have been maniacally searching for amazing beef patties on this side of the Atlantic since here from America’s burger capital seven years ago. In (more…)