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Last week, @passerotto tweeted about La Baguetteria, a bakery in Parioli serving fine cured meats and cheeses on French bread. The photos on the shop’s website looked tempting. I was intrigued. I tend to avoid the neighborhood like the plague (more…)

After the Paris Marathon, my friends and I headed down to Bordeaux for an age old remedy for sore muscles: copious amonts of red wine, melted cheese, and duck. It was my first time in the region and it was so different than what I had expected (more…)

Crémant de Bordeaux is a champagne style sparkling wine from France’s Bordeaux region. It comes in a range of dryness and sweetness and can be white or rosé. I drank this glass of brut rosé in the remains of a 14th century cloister in Saint-Émilion.

The grand finale for Monday night’s feast at Chateau Carrones in Bordeaux was barbecued camembert. Our host Georges removed the cheese from its wax paper, put it back in its wooden container, wrapped it in aluminum foil, and threw the (more…)

Yesterday I visited the cellar at Chez Dumonet, my new favorite restaurant in Paris. It’s a place I could happily be imprisoned for life, subsisting off the thousands of Crémant de Bordeaux, Pauillac, Margaux, and Sauternes and slivers of (more…)