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Lasagna pizza at La Gatta Mangiona.

Naples may be Italy’s pizza capital, but Rome has greater variety to offer. There’s the classic Roman pie (round, flat and thin with a crispy crust), the ever popular and usually quadrilateral pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice), and now there are a growing number of boutique pizzerias (more…)

In my first post for the Atlantic Food Channel, I go off the beaten track in Rome to Via Chiabrera for gelato, whiskey, pizza al taglio and rizzuole. (more…)

Wild nettle and pecorino pizza at Pizzaiolo in Oakland.

Without a geographic specification, the word pizza is completely generic. Of course, it conjures up the notion of sauce and melted cheese on dough. But there are exceptions that defy this definition and the texture of the crust, size and shape of the pie, cooking methods, and toppings can vary wildly from place to place. In Italy (more…)

I just spent an incredible week eating my way across northern California. The short amount of time wasn’t enough to do justice to one of the world’s best food destinations, but that didn’t stop me from doing some serious damage. Check out some of the things I ate this week above or on Flickr and check back soon for posts on all the great food experiences I had.

Beef Taco @ Pinches Tacos, LA
Beef tacos at Pinches Tacos in LA.

Rome may be a world food capital, but for a voracious eater raised in the American northeast, its culinary offerings can feel stunningly homogenous. Sure, the native cuisine is great and there is some Indian, Ethiopian, and Korean food in Rome worth talking about (more…)