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With a city nicknamed Caput Mundi—Capital of the World—it’s only natural that Romans are accustomed to seeing their home as unrivaled in matters of history, culture, and food. And while it’s true that traditional local cuisine holds a sacred place at the table, the Rome is hardly impervious to change. The city’s (more…)

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Mamma Parla wants you to buy this book. Please don’t make Mamma Parla sad.

It’s been a long couple of years, folks. If you happen to have noticed the frenzy of activity on the blog lately (ie, more than a post a month) that’s because I am enjoying the first free time that I have had in a long while. Granted, it’s only 90 minutes a few times a week, but it’s something. It’s cool, though. I hate rest and relaxation! They are the worst. (more…)

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One of my supreme joys in life is collaborating with friends to create delicious food and beverage experiences. Two highlights of 2015 were doing a dinner series with the Vetri Family in Philly and a Rome-themed pizza and craft beer party with the team at Boulder’s Pizzeria Locale. It’s such a thrill to (more…)

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Although Rome’s street vendors sell chestnuts of mysterious provenance from makeshift roasters year-round, the season for local chestnuts begins in the fall when Italy’s various varieties are harvested, then stored or prepared for future use. Throughout the winter, you will find sweet and savory preparations at bakeries and sweet shops all over town. I shared 5 of my favorite ways to enjoy chestnuts in Rome with Food & Wine here.


There’s this extraordinary slice of Rome wedged between the Stazione Trastevere, the Tiber, and McDonalds. If you can overlook the stench emitted by the latter landmarks, the place is almost perfect. In addition to its pretty pastel-hued 1920s housing blocks and views of Monte Testaccio and Gazometro, this swath of Trastevere’s (more…)