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This guest post comes from Parla Food intern Alston, who is studying at the University of California’s Rome center. He paid a visit to one of my favorite gelaterias, where the ingredients are genuine and natural. (more…)

Kitty Travers (left) with sister Cicely at La Grotta Ices.

Concord grape and prosecco sorbet. It’s a flavor combo that would be right at home in autumnal Italy. But Londoners can enjoy this tangy-tart-effervescent treat, too. Kitty Travers is serving this and other seasonal flavors at her new shop, La Grotta Ices Ice Cream Hole in the Wall, which opened (more…)

This week Eater and I track down the best new natural gelato shops in Rome. These places buck the soulless mega-chain trend (I’m looking at you Grom!) and use quality ingredients to produce natural, healthy, and creative alternatives to the norm. Read the full story here.

Rome’s economic stability is rapidly deteriorating and many sectors are crippled by lack of growth, inflation, and brain drain. Fortunately, the crisis has a silver lining. Small businesses are benefiting from reduced commercial rents, which allow them to open branches in the center of town. (more…)


Join me Saturday July 14 for the last Aperi-Gelato before summer hiatus! This time around we’ll be doing things a bit differently. Though the savory gelato pairings were a hit, on Saturday we’ll be serving four different types of zabaione with a dessert wine. (more…)