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The center of Rome has relatively few quality, family-run gelato shops these days. Chalk it up to declining local tastes, which are content with the soulless sterility of Grom and the unrelenting mediocrity of Giolitti. A dairy-inspired email exchange with my friend Arlene on this subject (more…)

Photo by Jillian Wertheim

Today’s post comes from Jillian, my gelato loving intern, who made the trip from her Trastevere apartment to Gori Gelato in northeastern Rome. Gori is one of my favorite places and I thought it would be fun for Jillian to make a pilgrimage to the brother-sister-owned gelateria near Piazza Sempione. (more…)

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I have updated this post for 2013…It’s that time of year again: gelato season. Granted, rainy and cold winter weather never did stop me from eating gelato regularly, but there is nothing quite like strolling through Rome eating (more…)

For more than a decade, the Flaminio neighborhood in Rome was a work in progress. The Maxxi has finally propelled the neighborhood firmly onto the city’s radar, and small businesses are reaping the benefits. More in this weekend’s NYT Travel section here.

I can hardly believe I’m writing this. Rome For Foodies, my first native app for iPhone, iPad, and Android smart phones, has just been released and is now available on iTunes and the Android Market (feedback appreciated!!!). The process was hellish, with more delays, sleepless nights and panicked Skype chats with my developers than I wish to remember, but it’s done and I predict the best night’s sleep ever tonight. (more…)