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This week’s guest post comes from deep in the Italian south where Shannon Stecher, my friend, marathon training pal and former AAR resident is spending some quality time getting close to nature in my ancestral homeland of Sicily. Here’s what’s going down (more…)

Photo by Jillian Wertheim

Today’s post comes from Jillian, my gelato loving intern, who made the trip from her Trastevere apartment to Gori Gelato in northeastern Rome. Gori is one of my favorite places and I thought it would be fun for Jillian to make a pilgrimage to the brother-sister-owned gelateria near Piazza Sempione. (more…)

Today’s guest post comes from Jillian Wertheim, a UC Berkeley student currently studying abroad in Rome, a senior staff writer for The Daily Californian, and new Parla Food intern. I thought it would be fun to have a fresh perspective on eating, drinking, and shopping for food in Rome and Jillian will be scouring the city for authentic (more…)

Today’s post comes from Carson, my cousin’s eight-year-old son. He loves food, especially pizza, and was struck by this photo of Forno Colapicchioni‘s pizza rossa picante when going through my iPhoto. I hope someday I have the chance to take him to this Roman bakery, but for now, we can just talk about it here in Jacksonville, Florida. (more…)

Today’s guest post comes from Brette Warshaw, a student at UPenn who has spent the last semester studying in Rome and cultivating her intense interest in all things edible. She is an eater, a traveler, a feeder and a writer and when she is not scouring Rome, London, Philly, or NYC for good eats, she she works for Food52 (more…)