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Jhon Regefalk
John is real hard to spell. Apparently.

This week we hear from John Regefalk, sous chef at Metamorfosi, one-time Nordic Food Lab stagiaire, caper pickler, occasional urban forager and sometimes Parla Food contributor. (more…)

Andrea de bellis

Photo credit: Agnese Gambini

Andrea De Bellis opened his eponymous pastry shop in central Rome in March and he hasn’t stopped innovating. Rome’s most creative pastry chef, whose 1000foglie bar and savory sandwiches are part of my daily regimen, chatted with Parla Food about how he got started and what inspires him. (more…)

Callegari-IMG_0688-272 copy
Photo credit: Luciano Furia.

The Parla Food Proust-inspired questionnaire is back! It’s time for this blog to return to its roots and focus on the people who make great food and drink. This week, we hear from Stefano Callegari, the pizzeria mastermind behind Rome’s Sforno, 00100 and Tonda. (more…)


Last week I met my hero, master gelato maker Claudio Torcè. He granted me a rare interview and was generous enough to spend 2 hours with me chatting in his shop on Viale dell’Aeronautica in Rome’s EUR district. At first I was a bit star struck, but Claudio is a kind and down to earth (more…)

Simona Limentani (left) with a colleague.

Last week, I sat down with Simona of Zolle, a company that provides Romans with high quality, organic, local food delivery. I paid a visit to Zolle’s headquarters and saw the assembly line of food packing and distribution. Lettuce, potatoes, onions, and zucchini were weighed, (more…)