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Trofie are twisty homemade pasta strands made in Liguria from durum wheat and water. They match beautifully with pesto genovese, a thick paste that is so highly prized in the region, its name and production are regulated by government (more…)

Panarello, Genova

I know I say this about every place I go, but this time it’s for real: I could totally live in Genova. Stepping off of the train at Stazione Brignole is tantamount to stepping into a glutton’s paradise. Nearby is the Mercato Orientale, a huge covered market selling (more…)

Acciughe salate alla genovese

On Tuesday I visited Genova (possibly the best food city EVER). At Trattoria Da Maria, I had acciughe salate alla genovese, salted anchovies with potatoes and green beens. The super salty fish balanced perfectly with the bland vegetables (more…)

Mamma Parla and I just got back from a quick trip up to the Cinque Terre, a rugged and mountainous stretch of Liguria’s coast. It was my first time visiting since a post-college graduation excursion in 2002. On my first trip, my friends and I rented a (more…)

I just got back from three days on the Ligurian coast with Mamma Parla. We were in the Cinque Terre mostly, where anchovies are a specialty. They are served grilled, stuffed, fried, salted, and marinated in lemon. The latter perparation, called (more…)