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NYT Travel Show Banner

I made the banner above for the Travel Show! It took me 2 weeks! This is an unreasonable amount of time! Right up until the last minute, I was certain I would have a “This is Spinal Tap” Stonehenge moment right there at Kinko’s. But low and behold, the whole 5′ x 2′ banner came out the right size! It will be (more…)

vini francesi
Medicine. KIDDING!

It would probably be easier to write a top dishes and destinations list again. It would certainly be less traumatic than internalizing the fact that yet another year has come and gone. I can’t help but panic a little over tonight’s meaningless milestone. Then I remember that I have a bottle of Agrapart & Fils’ Vieux (more…)

Today Everyday I am thankful for Mamma Parla. She flew in this morning bearing fresh cranberries, spent her first hours in town at the Mercato Trionfale shopping for Saturday’s belated Thanksgiving feast, then humored me by making her first meal in Rome a burger. Our dining destination was (more…)

A lardy pork sandwich. Best thing I ate all week.

Allow me to begin this post with an understatement. August is not an ideal month for visiting Lisbon. Even more so than my adopted city of Rome, most of the Portuguese capital shuts down in August, its residents flee to coastal villages, and most of its drinking and dining establishments close. Consequently, (more…)

Approaching Spinosa from the east.

The story of uncovering our roots begins in 1996 at my maternal grandparent’s 50th anniversary party in Princeton, NJ. Though they had already retired to Jacksonville, my grandfather threw my grandmother a surprise party up north because it was closer to most of their family and friends, who were based in and around (more…)