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Today’s blog post is a collaboration between Mamma Parla and me and the story goes way back. When I was home in September, we met Linda of Ciao Chow Linda at the West Windsor Community Farmers’ Market where we hatched a plan of them going out to visit Cherry Grove Farm, the market’s main cheese vendor located (more…)

Mamma Parla’s back for a new post. Here is what she is sharing this week: Every Labor Day weekend, I make a trip to the West Windsor Community Farmers’ Market for the best organic peaches on (more…)

Today’s blog post comes from Parla Food’s obligatory biggest fan, Mamma Parla. She is an incredible cook, with tons of restaurant and catering experience behind her. Now she cooks mostly for friends and family–and does cooking demonstrations for the Slow Food Central (more…)

Well I don’t even know where to start. The trip through Basque Country was phenomenal. Thank you so much for sending me there! And thanks to everyone for your advice and comments along the way. The biggest thank you goes out to Mamma Parla who was so calm even though I (more…)

Getaria moments before a storm.

After a few days in Donostia-San Sebastián, we gathered all the advice we had received from readers, laid out the map, and decided to drive the Basque coast from east to west. We had taken the (quicker) internal road on the previous leg of the journey and missed out on all the lush (more…)