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Modernity meets the middle ages in the old quarter.

Two weeks in Basque country are underway and, as I expected, I quickly realized that 14 days are barely enough to comprehend Bilbao, much less the region. How do I do it all? Fit it all in? Eat everything I desire? Well, I can’t. And, frankly, I’m glad. I wouldn’t want to visit a place (more…)

Last night I called my mom at 3am. I had just finished packing for a week-long trip to Libya and wanted to let her know that I probably wouldn’t be able to email her while I was traveling (the Libyan government has shut down internet in the country just 90 minutes earlier) but I might be able to call or fax. “Kathryn, I really think you should reconsider this trip,” was her response. (more…)