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My local kebab spot is Shawarma Station on Via Merulana near Termini. In a pinch it does the trick and after many a late train arrival, it has provided sustenance. I’ll occasionally go during the day, too, for a plate of hummus or a quick tabouleh. The kebabs are decent, straight-forward (more…)

Following the advice, once again, of our Antep food gurus Emre and Tuba, Semsa and I headed to Halil Usta, a busy kebab place near the mosaics museum. When we arrived around noon, the place was hopping. They do a brisk business, mainly of (more…)

I was first introduced to beyran, an Antep specialty, during the Istanbul Eats Kebab Krawl a few weeks back. We ate it (in Istanbul, obviously) at 6pm, which is about 12 hours later than Antepli indulge in this spicy lamb and rice soup. (more…)

Like most food-obsessed people, I surround myself with enablers equally hungry friends. I am extraordinarily lucky to have lovely friends in Istanbul like Şemsa and Tuba who share my slavish devotion to dining and are seriously in the culinary know. When I’m not around, they go galavanting together to discover the best food (more…)

On a recent trip to London, I got a burger-related tip from Leila McAlister, owner of the renowned cafe and gourmet food store Leila’s Shop in Shoreditch. When London’s leading artisanal Polish sausage purveyor tells me where to eat meat, I listen. I followed Leila’s sage advice and made my way to Box Park on Bethnal Green Road. (more…)