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A couple of weeks ago I received a pleasant surprise, a message from my friend Jessica that she was back home in Rome for a couple of days before heading to Switzerland for a business trip. Jessica was one of my first friends when I moved here in 2003. She worked at St Stephen’s (more…)

Da Danilo’s spaghetti alla carbonara.

UPDATE: GET MY UPDATED RECCOS IN MOBILE FORM IN THE APP STORE! Every now and again, I like to update the list of my favorite places to eat and drink in Rome. I try to go out as much as possible so my endorsements are current and based on recent experiences. All of the spots listed below have been checked out in the past three months. Enjoy the new round up! (more…)

Watch at your own risk. May cause vomiting.

Yesterday I saw a truly disgusting spectacle: Renata Polverini, Presidente della Regione Lazio, feeding rigatoni to Umberto Bossi in Piazza Montecitorio in Rome. If you don’t know who Bossi is, he’s the founder of the Lega Nord, current Minister of Federal Reforms (more…)

I just spent an incredible week eating my way across northern California. The short amount of time wasn’t enough to do justice to one of the world’s best food destinations, but that didn’t stop me from doing some serious damage. Check out some of the things I ate this week above or on Flickr and check back soon for posts on all the great food experiences I had.

Taqueria’s Choriqueso, house made Mexican chorizo rolled inside browned cheese.

I use Tripadvisor occasionally for researching accommodations, but when it comes to food, I cannot think of a worse source of information. I am constantly perturbed by their Rome restaurant rankings, which (more…)