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Enrico Druetto

During my recent trip to Piedmont, I was focused on finding small-scale natural wine producers. Maybe no one fits the bill as perfectly as Enrico Druetto. A pharmicist by profession, Druetto dedicates his days off to cultivating grapes and producing wine. He started (more…)

Mulino Marino

On Friday I visited Mulino Marino, a family owned and operated mill in Cossano Belbo. You may already be acquainted with this place from this interview with apprentice miller Fulvio Marino, but to recap, Mulino Marino was founded by Felice Marino in 1955 and prides itself on (more…)

Il Mattone
Il Mattone.

Last week during dinner at Mauro Musso’s house, the conversation turned, not surprisingly, to food. The topic was the cucina piemontese, one I am both somewhat familiar with and totally ignorant of. There are really two cucine piemontesi: the one you find in restaurants (vitello (more…)

Susanna Bianco of Az Ag Gigi Bianco in her vineyard
Susanna Bianco of Az. Ag. Gigi Bianco in her vineyard.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Piedmont is way better than Tuscany. Nebbiolo pummels Sangiovese Grosso, the Langhe and Roero are cooler than Val d’Orcia and Chianti, and I’ll take carne cruda over bistecca fiorentina any day of the week. Of course it is silly and subjective (more…)

Il Talucco

The list of restaurants where I could happily move in next door and be content to eat in every day got a bit longer this week after a visit to Il Talucco. The organic restaurant, which its owners Valentina Aimone and Nico Zara define as “atipico” on their business card, is also a B&B. So the (more…)