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Il Talucco

The list of restaurants where I could happily move in next door and be content to eat in every day got a bit longer this week after a visit to Il Talucco. The organic restaurant, which its owners Valentina Aimone and Nico Zara define as “atipico” on their business card, is also a B&B. So the (more…)

Moscato bianco vines.

When I pulled up to Ezio Cerruti’s house in Castiglione Tinella, there were major works in progress. The cantina was being transformed, the driveway was half-paved, and uprooted plants were scattered across the lawn. “The works should be done in ten days,” he told me, “but the cantina (more…)

La Casa dei Tajarin

After a long and lovely lunch in the Bussia vineyards of Barolo, a massive dinner probably wasn’t entirely necessary, but I’m not one to turn down a home cooked meal, especially when the home cooks are Mauro (more…)

The Langhe

Yesterday was Pasquetta, Easter Monday, a day that was once synonymous with a picnics in a vineyard. At least that’s what it used to mean in the Langhe. Judging by the fact that our 4-hour long picnic and subsequent nap was uninterrupted by passersby, I think it is safe to (more…)

Vineyards outside Barolo.

This week I will be traveling around the Langhe, a zone in southern Piedmont known for its wine and artisanal food production. I will be meeting pasta producers, cheesemakers, wine producers, and millers who dedicate their lives to producing high quality, natural food. Check in for updates. Arvëdse!