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There are few things in this world as delectable as porchetta done right. Unfortunately, much of the stuff I have eaten in Rome or Ariccia lately has been dried out choke-inducing rubbish overpacked with spices to mask the pork’s utter lack of flavor. Thankfully, there are still pork (more…)

When we got the bill at I Porchettoni, Jessica and I nearly fell off our respective benches. It’s been a loooong time since we’ve paid under €12 a head for dinner anywhere, much less in Rome where an inexpensive (more…)

Spaghettoni abruzzesi alla carbonara, Roscioli

I’ve been talking about carbonara a lot lately. It has come up in conversation no fewer than six times today with friends, family and clients. I’ve always been a fan of this dish in which pasta is tossed with egg yolk (and sometimes albumen), pecorino cheese, guanciale and black pepper, but 2010 was a record-setting year for my carbonara consumption–and I’m not doing to shabby in 2011, either. After a serious

A few years back the phrase “km 0” started to be kicked around in Italian foodie circles. This abbreviation for “kilometro zero” signifies local, low impact primary ingredients, including meats, cheeses, grains, honeys, and has become the ubiquitous buzzword of the late (more…)

Butcher Window, Bologna

Today marked my twelfth day in Turkey and, needless to say, I am in the throes of pork withdrawal. I haven’t been completely abstinent, mind you. There was that Iberian ham and the fennel-rich salami I smuggled in with me. And then there was the guanciale Şemsa sprinkled (more…)