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Butcher Window, Bologna

Today marked my twelfth day in Turkey and, needless to say, I am in the throes of pork withdrawal. I haven’t been completely abstinent, mind you. There was that Iberian ham and the fennel-rich salami I smuggled in with me. And then there was the guanciale Şemsa sprinkled (more…)

I spoke to my mom the other day. She had been following the Road Trip virtually and was concerned for my health. I can’t say that I blame her. But she didn’t have all the facts. I hadn’t written about Speckfest yet. (more…)

Sweet corn with lardo at Má Pêche.

Is anything better than sweet corn in August? Well, not much. It’s hard to beat its sugary flavor, creamy texture and perfect harmony with butter. But at Má Pêche they have tried to improve on the magnificent by serving their sweet corn side dish (more…)

Mamma Parla’s famous “Jersey Tom” sandwich.

I’m a week into my annual August trip home and I’ve already put a pretty serious dent into this month’s food goals. The feast started shortly after I landed in Philly and has continued unrelenting through New Jersey and NYC, with brief (more…)

Taqueria’s Choriqueso, house made Mexican chorizo rolled inside browned cheese.

I use Tripadvisor occasionally for researching accommodations, but when it comes to food, I cannot think of a worse source of information. I am constantly perturbed by their Rome restaurant rankings, which (more…)