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Parla Food turns five years old this month. Crazy, right? She looks older. I blame all the cocktails and carbonara. With each passing year, wading though posts and categories devoted to various cities has become increasingly cumbersome. So to make things easier for you, fair reader, I have launched a series of City Guides. (more…)

Church of Santa Maria de Finibus Terrae, Santa Maria di Leuca
Church of Santa Maria de Finibus Terrae, Santa Maria di Leuca.

I always hesitate to do these wrap ups because they force me to reflect on the obscene amount of food I am capable of eating. I especially overdid on a three day trip to Puglia recently. It is my favorite Italian region for food and it would be a shame to (more…)


Rusticoadj: Rustic; rural; of or relating to the country. noun: a baked savory snack made from puff pastry stuffed with bechamel, bits of mozzarella, black pepper, and a hint of tomato; the quintessential snack in southern Puglia. (more…)


If there is one place on earth where eating copious amounts of fat all day long gives me no remorse, it’s Lecce. The whole place is swarming with sweet and savory temptations heavy on the olive oil (pizzi), besciamel (rustico), cream (more…)


Have you ever ordered something at a cafe and totally thought you knew what you were getting but then got something totally different and were incredibly happy to be served that something that you didn’t even know you wanted? That is exactly (more…)