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On Friday afternoon, the American Academy in Rome served lunch in the courtyard for the first time this spring. Among the dishes served was purè di fave e cicoria, mashed fava beans with sauteed chicory on top. This dish hails from Puglia, but the (more…)

I love Puglia and I love Monti, so, theoretically, I should love Pugliamonti, an organic vegetarian restaurant that opened in my neighborhood last summer 2009. I visited in late March with Mamma Parla and my friend Jessica and, while there were (more…)

I shared this triad of creamy burrata goodness with Mamma Parla and my friend Jessica at Pugliamonti, the vegetarian-organic-pugliese (another trinity!) restaurant that opened in September 2009 on Via Urbana in Rome. Stay tuned for a (more…)

Ricci di Mare (Sea Urchins)

Spring has almost sprung which means ricci season is almost over. Some like their sea urchin roe tossed with spaghetti, but I much prefer to scoop out the tiny eggs with a spoon or piece of bread. Obviously, the best place to eat ricci is at (more…)

Today, the premier issue of Southern Flourish Magazine, a digital publication all about life and culture in the American South, went live. When the editor asked me to contribute a piece about the Italian south, I naturally wrote about eating (more…)