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For me, the artichoke has always conjured up the idea of Italy. Much to the dismay of the Lega Nord, almost all artichokes grown in Italy (around 40% of the world’s production) are cultivated in the south, especially in the regions (more…)

Last night dinner plans in NYC went a bit haywire, so to stave off the hunger, Mamma Parla and I swung by Chelsea Market to grab a few snacks to prepare at a friend’s place while we regrouped. Our choices were a tribute to southern Italy (more…)


Sticking with the Puglia theme of late…The Salentine Peninsula in Puglia (Apulia) forms the heel of Italy’s boot. Known as Salento, it is touched by two seas, the Adriatic and Ionian. (more…)


Today it was 30 degrees in Rome. Hot. Even after 6 years in Italy, I don’t really get the Celsius-Fahrenheit conversion. (more…)


I used to hate ricotta. As a child I would visit my great grandmother in Highland Park, NJ for Sunday lunch. Every week, I would begrudgingly eat her homemade ravioli beneath a copy of Da Vinci’s Last Supper and more crucifixes than I care to remember. (more…)