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Brutto ma buono.

After a long hiatus, Chef John Regefalk, sous chef at Rome’s one Michelin starred Metamorfosi, is back! This time, he’s not urban foraging for olives nor pickling capers plucked from the Aurelian Wall. Instead, he’s come by to share his recipe for vignarola. This springtime stew brings together the first peas and (more…)


Last month, Pizzarium, Gabriele Bonci’s landmark pizza by the slice place, closed for a shockingly brief renovation. In a matter of a couple of weeks, the popular hole-in-the-wall expanded into the neighboring space (a recently shuttered barber shop), doubling Pizzarium’s size. While the previous incarnations of Pizzarium were (more…)

Eating & Drinking in Rome

The handy ebook Eating & Drinking in Rome is now available for Kindle–so that means you can view it on your Kindle, as well as the Kindle App on your phone! The book offers listings of my favorite places to eat and drink, plus offers insight and advice regarding the city’s gastronomic culture. For the PDF version released last week, you can head over to Gumroad, a fun self-publishing site, here. Enjoy!

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After years of writing and “research” (eating and drinking, in other words), my Rome ebook is available for download! Inspired by my blog, app, and your questions, Eating & Drinking in Rome: An Insider’s Guide to the City’s Best Food & Drink brings together my favorite restaurants, pizzerias, wine bars, craft beer pubs, cocktail venues, gelato shops, and bakeries, as well as loads of practical information. Want to know the absolute-must-eat-dishes? The ebook has that. Looking for tips on tipping? The book has that, too. Desperate to eat delicious food on a Sunday or in August? I have you covered. There’s even a glossary for helping you navigate a menu, make a booking, and communicate food allergies and dietary restrictions. You can purchase the book for a mere $4.99 here or using the link below. The Kindle, Nook, and other epub versions will be out later this week!

Buy “Eating & Drinking Rome” today! (Per piacere?)


Parla Food is a finalist in Saveur’s Best Culinary Travel blog category and I am so thrilled to be nominated again! It would be delightful if you would take a moment to vote for Parla Food and, while you’re on, check out the other cool blogs in 13 categories. Voting is open through April 30th, so won’t you take a little time out of your day to cast your ballot? Pretty please with pecorino on top?