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Parla Food turns five years old this month. Crazy, right? She looks older. I blame all the cocktails and carbonara. With each passing year, wading though posts and categories devoted to various cities has become increasingly cumbersome. So to make things easier for you, fair reader, I have launched a series of City Guides. (more…)


Today’s festive and timely guest post comes from Dr. Paula Salvio of the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute. She shares old and new memories of a special deep fried Sicilian treat that is traditionally made on March 19 for the Feast of San Giuseppe. (more…)

This week’s guest post comes from deep in the Italian south where Shannon Stecher, my friend, marathon training pal and former AAR resident is spending some quality time getting close to nature in my ancestral homeland of Sicily. Here’s what’s going down (more…)


After five days in the fatherland, I can officially say that I’m full. Palermo is a place where it is unthinkable not to indulge. There are fried things everywhere, the fish is amazingly fresh, and you just can’t duplicate those amazing ricotta-filled pastries off the island. (more…)

Mio Nonno Palermitano
My nonno in front of the Cattedrale in Palermo

In 1899, my great grandfather Niccolo’ Cipollina was born in Palermo near La Cala. His father worked in the port as a steamfitter and in 1906, he packed up his big family and moved to New York City. Little Niccolo’s name was changed to Nicholas at Ellis Island. In 2007, years after