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While every self respecting man, woman and child in Italy is wearing some shade of purple right now, I really can’t be bothered to keep up with fashion trends. I’m much more interested in the colors at the market, anyway. (more…)


The Arancina Bomba is a fried rice ball bomb. Imagine a softball-sized wad of rice packed with meat and peas, rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried to a golden hue. The name could not be more appropriate, as in Italian bomba (more…)


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a fond memory associated with deep fried spleen on a bun. My grandfather and I are among the fortunate. In 2004, three generations of Cipollina descendants returned to our ancestral city. (more…)


It’s that time of year again: cardoon season. I spied them for the first time this fall a couple of weeks ago in the Testaccio Market in Rome where the raw plants were being sold by the bundle. On Friday in Palermo’s Ballaro’ Market (more…)


During a three day trip to Palermo, I managed to get in nine desserts, including two Setteveli, some frutta martorana, and brioche con gelato. The latter is essentially a big ice cream sandwich. (more…)