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Liquid nitrogen aperitif at The Fat Duck.

2011 has come and gone and my 2012 calendar is beginning to fill up with what promise to be exciting culinary adventures. There is something very satisfying about planning meals half a year in advance but before I begin drifting in and out of food comas, it is high time to reflect on the meals, dishes and experiences that enriched (more…)

Lunch at Mam i Teca, Barcelona

A few weeks ago, after a glorious road trip through Basque Country, Mamma Parla and I stopped in Barcelona for a couple of days. Our objective was to discover restaurants, markets, and shops specializing in locally sourced ingredients. At Mam i Teca we hit the jackpot. (more…)

Lunch at Mam i Teca, Barcelona
Local wild mushrooms served with peppers and asparagus at Mam i Teca.

Barcelona has one of the most cosmopolitan dining scenes in Europe, but for those who want to eat local and get a taste of Catalonian ingredients, there are a number of excellent restaurants where chefs adhere to the “km 0” locavore approach promoted by the local Slow Food chapter. (more…)

Well I don’t even know where to start. The trip through Basque Country was phenomenal. Thank you so much for sending me there! And thanks to everyone for your advice and comments along the way. The biggest thank you goes out to Mamma Parla who was so calm even though I (more…)

Basque Country

Throughout our trip in Euskadi we met some really lovely people who gave us some really stellar tips. Maria, who we met through our mutual friends Hande and Theo of Vino Roma, gave us some of the best advice. She suggested taking a detour to Ermintxo, a little hotel and restaurant in (more…)