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Make food, not war. It’s a simple imperative with undeniable gravity in Lebanon, a small but ethnically diverse country that was ravaged by political and religious conflicts for four decades. This catchy slogan is accompanied by a half-bomb, half-fish logo perfect for slapping on a canvas bag or printing on a (more…)


If you have every strolled through Rome, you may have noticed that the city’s fountains, church pediments, and palace facades are branded. The Pamphilj family’s dove with three fleurs-de-lis are splashed all over Piazza Navona (more…)


Last week during a day trip to Baalbek, my driver Hussien and I stopped for two breakfasts. The first was light (relatively speaking): a thin, crepe-like bread smeared with fresh cheese and honey, then rolled. The second was a bit more substantial: syrup-soaked semolina filled with a soft cheese and stuffed into a sesame seed roll. (more…)

The ancient Temple of Bacchus.

On Tuesday, I visited ancient Heliopolis in the city of Baalbek in eastern Lebanon. Thanks to my degree in art history with a concentration in Roman antiquity, I tend to view archeological sites as being divorced from their contemporary surroundings. I think we all do this to some extent. Of the millions of annual (more…)

WTF is everyone? A failed selfie, some Roman ruins and no people at a spectacular archeological site.

Hey, folks. It’s been a while since I have written a real post and not a list or a round up or a summary of an article published elsewhere. I’m sorry about that. The past year has been a rough one and I am tired. Like, really tired. And it has (more…)