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I just love it when food comes to the table with a face on it. It is not always socially acceptable for such a thing to happen; case in point, this little piggy at Roscioli. But why shouldn’t we be served the whole animal? Especially seafood which is (more…)

Just thinking about visiting Venice used to make me totally agro. My first few visits to La Serenissima were during high season when the sheer volume of obese cruisers, white tennis shoes, and fanny packs threatened to plunge Venice’s (more…)

Last week I visited Bottega ai Promessi Sposi in Venice–twice. The first trip was with fellow blogger and Fodor’s colleague Nan McEllroy, who clued me in on the Sposi in the first place. We met for some cichetti and wine and chatted about (more…)

Last weekend at the Rialto market in Venice I was surprised to see how many types of artichokes there were to be had. Spiky, spherical, large, small, Venetian, and Roman, each just begging to be grilled, braised, or fried. We don’t get such (more…)

On a trip to Venice last week, I had lunch at La Cantina on Strada Nuova. This little enoteca on Cannaregio’s main street is a meeting point for locals who stop by throughout the day to throw back a glass of prosecco with a (more…)