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For me, four days in Venice signifies four portions (minimum) of sarde in saor. I am completely obsessed with these Venetian style sweet and sour sardines. They practically swim in marinated onions studded with pine nuts and raisons. (more…)

This is an assortment of cicchetti, small portions of assorted food, served at Anice Stellato, one of my preferred dining spots in Venice. Located in Canareggio away from the unbearable crowds, Anice turns out creative twists on local (more…)

I shot this radicchio tardivo, a red curly radicchio from Treviso, in Venice’s Rialto market. The bitter, crunchy plant is protected by IGP status and con only be grown in and around Treviso, in mainland Veneto.

Moeche are soft shell crabs found in Venice’s lagoon. I purchased a few of these live ones in the Rialto market and deep fried them for dinner last night. They are a seasonal specialty, found only in the spring when they are “between” (more…)


Burano (not to be confused with nearby glass producing Murano) is a small island in Venice’s lagoon easily accessible by vaporetto service from Fondamente Nuove. (more…)