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After hours of meandering through the back alleys of Dorsoduro, we were hungry. Blood sugar levels were plummeting and by 3pm on a Saturday, most proper restaurants had already closed for lunch. Thankfully, in Venice there are countless osterie that serve wine, chiccheti (snacks), and small selection of hot meals all day. One such place, Ai Artisti, is a favorite with locals and tourists alike. We found it just in time. (more…)

Finding a room in Venice can be a daunting task, regardless of the season. Even in the winter months, quaint rooms with value are booked months in advance. Planning ahead is essential, particularly because the hotels and B&Bs with the greatest value and best locations are often small family run affairs with few rooms. Such is the case for Novecento, a nine-room boutique hotel in sestiere San Marco owned by the Romanelli family. (more…)

I recently traveled to Venice, a city I have been to just a handful of times. My friend Jessica, an expert on the city, recommended that I bring along Michela Scibilia’s Venice Osterie as a guide. It details bars, wine bars, trattorias, and restaurants for the discerning traveller. Michela is a native of Treviso and has lived in Venice for more than 20 years. Her book lists not only places to eat and drink but also includes a dictionary of Venetian dialect names for dishes and ingredients.

I recently spent a long weekend in Venice, a place I had previously avoided like the plague, considering it to be little more than a giant dock for cruise ships. On previous trips, I was left deluded and confused about what all of the fuss was about. I found Napoleon’s interventions in Piazza San Marco revolting, the gondolas too kitschy, and the thongs of tourists with seemingly no awareness that their presence is destroying the city downright disturbing. But I can be a whiner, so I was open to giving Venice another shot. After all, if my esteemed colleague Jessica Stewart loves the city, how could it be all bad?

Armed with the advice of friends and colleagues on where to go and what to eat, I actually really enjoyed myself. I especially liked the Canareggio neighborhood, the Rialto fish market, and strolling the streets at night when most of the tourists were gone, packed back onto their cruise ships.