Yesterday a friend and I popped into Panificio Monti in (surprise) Monti for some pizza al taglio and left with quite a bit more. The service there is quite…casual…so while we waited to place our order we plotted which dessert to get and decided on ciambella al cioccolato. The word ciambella means donut but imagine something with the density and consistency of pound cake mixed with cacao and bits of chocolate. And it’s not fried so that must mean it’s good for you!

Panificio Monti
Via Urbana 22 – Rome
Tel. +39 06 89010934

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  • More please… So moist…

  • Katie

    I want to cry just thinking about the fact that Panificio Monti won’t reopen til Tuesday!

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  • […] This is more than just a slice of pizza. It is one of the reasons artisinal bakeries in Rome still exist. If it weren’t for the profits reaped from pizza al taglio, crostate, ciambelle, and biscotti, small bakeries could no longer afford to make bread. Sounds crazy, I know! But panifici artigianali using quality ingredients cannot compete with the industrial bakeries that churn out loaves made with inferior flour and yeast that are snatched up by the city’s supermarkets, alimentari, and hotels. Fortunately Romans (and expatriates!) have a healthy appetite for the supporting actors that keep Rome’s bakeries afloat. I like to think I do my part! […]

  • […] If the Forum and Colosseum call, I go to Panificio Monti. I am always tempted to get a fat slice of ciambella al cioccolato and a gallon of milk, but am so in love with their pizza it is hard to stray. Earlier this week, I […]

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