Yes, you read the heading correctly. That is a crispy pig stuffed with rich and fatty foie gras. Never has anything so wrong tasted so right. This very unfortunate looking piggy was sprawled out on a wooden slab on Roscioli’s counter today (the Via dei Giubbonari location). Ordinarily I would never encourage anyone to eat a meal there (stick to the burrata and pata negra) but this calls for an exception.

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  • You will make me vegan one day. This is a horrible picture. All i can see is a pig crying for help. Any food with the head makes me feel guilty. But i cannot reject delicious,and tasty kofte, kebabs and burgers. Otherwise i’d be vegeterian by now.

  • Katie

    Haha I hope not. Veganism is a terrible tragedy. It’s funny because I dont see the pig as crying for help. To me, he is smiling. Look at that toothy grin!

  • I think he looks exhausted – like he just gave up the fight! Still, roasted pig is yummy!

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