Yesterday I visited Said, the uber famous and super delicious chocolate shop/factory in San Lorenzo. The weather in Rome has been heating up, so I knew it was my last chance to eat some fine chocolate before it becomes impractical/unnatural to do so. Fortunately, the end of dark chocolate season does not mean I have to give up on Said altogether. They also make another favorite of mine, albeit a less popular confection than chocolate. I’m speaking of confetti, sugar covered almonds that are included in every wedding goodie bag in Italy and Italian-America. I must admit, they are fairly gross, but I like eating a lot of gross things (skittles, gummy bears, sour patch kids). To be fair, Said’s confetti isn’t the stale junk you find most places. It’s high quality gross.

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  • I love confetti. Many (many) years ago I studied Italian in Sulmona and fell in love with the candies and the amazing creations the confectionaires make there.

  • At Italian weddings often throw them out or sharing it out.

  • @Martha they ARE good, arent they? Sulmona is the capital of confetti. They do it right!

    @Denny they don’t throw these candies. they are too expensive and too hard!

  • Is the proprietor Arab-Lebanese or Syrian, perhaps? (I am guessing from the name). Or is this an acronym? I have never been, so am clueless…

  • God, how many of these things did I eat at all the family weddings when I was a kid? Plus, my family owned a catering hall in Hoboken, so there was a constant supply of these things around all the time when I was a kid. I know what you mean about quality gross, Katie…lol.

  • Katie

    @Shayma think its an acronym…

    @Tom I dont even want to know how many i ate!!!

  • When I was a kid we used the collect them from wedding and engagemet parties, they were my favorites. We call them ” Badem Sekeri” cheap ones usually thicker sugar coating and inferior almonds pieces.

  • Hi Katie,

    I wanted to mention that we recently visited SAID (Societa’ Italiana I… Dolci.. or Italian Sweets Association – this is for Shayma above). Its now so much more than a Chocolate store. WOW, we felt like we had made a great discovery. Unfortunately we didn’t know it was open for meals at lunch and dinner and timed our visit for after lunch. They have a nice buffet lunch, great setting for Aperitivi or Tea in the late afternoon…a great Dessert Table with the most beautiful and delicious desserts. We had wonderful cafe’ and dessert after lunch, chatted with the owner and her mom and this will definitely be on my list to go back and try for lunch. Its very hip and stylish and trendy (in a good way) with some of the old equipment on display. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  • For the people from Sulmona, try the confetti and pastries at pasticceria Palazzone. They are the best and have a lovely store in Wayne, new jersey

  • SAID – Società Anonima Industria Dolciaria

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