My faith in American food culture is restored with each meal I have here. This afternoon my friend Dave and I met up for some down-home BBQ at Baby Blues, a little slice of the American south on Lincoln Blvd. in Venice, CA. We both had pulled pork; he ate his on a bun with coldslaw and mac & cheese sides, I paired mine with ribs, cornbread and collard greens. We balanced out the savory with the sweet, finishing it all off with a slice of pecan pie. Outstanding.

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  • I think I may not have nbeen the only one who wondered just why they were doing BBQ on the banks of the Grand Canal (with its wonderful views of the sides of immense cruise ships now guaranteed for the indefinite future) these days. But it’s the other one.

    I have to say, having something of a ‘cue obsession, I’ve tried it just about everywhere I’ve been in the USA (a tip: avoid it in London you’ll only be disappointed) and while not quite as many places as Hank Snow in that song, that’s a good number of places. From that experience let me say: if you haven’t been south of Austin for ‘cue you’ve never really experienced it. Lockhart or leave it.

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