A couple of days ago I got an urgent message from my friend Jess. “Cookies!” her note declared. “There is a new place in Portuense called Mondo di Laura that does kosher cookies. They are sold at Roscioli but we should go to the source.” I agreed. I recently wrote of my obsession with the biscottini at the kosher bakery in the Ghetto. Now that place is absolutely amazing and I adore everything they sell, but the selection is limited and heavily almond paste and ricotta based. This is not a complaint by any means. I simply appreciate variety so when I checked out Mondo di Laura’s website and saw there were ten kinds of cookies to choose from, I was hell bent on getting my hands on them. I didn’t wait long.

The next day I went to Kosher Bistro in the Ghetto where I knew they were sold. They had a selection of five of the ten types. For the sake of research I got one of each to try. The one pictured above is called Miss Cioccolatissima, a chocolate and coffe liquor flavored gluten free cookie. This was not my favorite but the only one that was photogenic enough after being stuffed in a take away bag with lots of friable treats. The best one was Pepita, a mixture of cacao, sugar, margarine and Himalayan salt, a perfectly balanced union of savory and sweet with the texture of a nearly cooked brownie. Candy Spicy, similar to a gingersnap, was also tasty. Tragically, Kosher Bistro did not have the snail-shaped, vanilla and salt flavored Frolline I had hoped to try. This week has a singular gastronomic goal at the moment: to chase down that snail.

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  • Katie’s quest for cookies caused her to leave me in the dust and eat them before I could! I got the recommendation from a friend who literally bought out the store he was in because they were so good.

  • I’m so proud of the discover!!!!!

    I was so delighted by the taste of the biscuits I had to tell it to everyone I know, it deserve it!!!
    It was really a discover to have this tasty moment in an open market near Galleria Borghese in Rome!!!

    Congratulation for the taste…for the packaging and for the site!!!!! So stilish!!!! :)

  • Yet more delectable edibles to add to my ever-growing list of new things to try while in Rome! Thank god we’ll be there for five days…!

  • Mondo di Laura is just down the street from me! I also jumped for joy when I found about them. However, since their little (and I mean little) storefront is right next to a place called “Er Maritozzaro” I am always very torn between the two…

  • Thank you Valentina for telling me about them and sending the site!

  • PS. Katie….let’s go to the headquarters this weekend!

  • thank you for every one
    i what you in my shop: via ettore rolli 34
    by by see you soon

  • Katie

    @valentina thanks for tipping us off! good work. any other cookie related advice is appreciated.

    @tom you need to extend your trip. do it!

    @laura i want to be in your shop too. jessica and i are coming there soon! Megan are you with us? can we stuff some in a maritozzaro?

  • Megan….how could you have kept these delicious treats a secret! Laura…ci vediamo presto al negozio!

  • These look alot like a cookie I’ve made. I’ll put Jess to a taste test when she’s home for Christmas

  • Katie

    @Nonna I may have to come up to Mass to participate in the taste test.

  • Katie–we’re going to be in Italy for a total of 19 days…I’m already cutting it close at work by taking all this time off at once! We’ll be in Rome for Christmas week…and what a busy week it will be hunting down all these fabulous places you’re recommending! I would extend the trip to infinity if I could! lol

    PS–still need a wonderful recommendation for Christmas Eve lunch (dinner is out) if anyone has one. Thanks!

  • Katie

    even infinity non basta!

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