I have lived in Rome since January 2003. It is my home base and where (aside from Mamma Parla’s house) I feel most at home in the world. I have a dining app that summarizes all the best places to eat and drink. Here are a few highlights discovered during the last decade in Rome:

If you are looking for fine dining, check out Metamorfosi and Pipero Al Rex. For upscale traditional Roman cuisine, there’s L’Arcangelo and Roscioli. For upscale yet unpretentious modern Italian, Antico Arco is an excellent choice. If you prefer traditional cucina romana at moderate prices, Armando al Pantheon and Cesare al Casaletto are your best bets. For Neapolitan style pizza, check out Tonda, Sforno and La Gatta Mangiona, while Da Remo serves the quintessential thin crust Roman pie. For gelato, Il Gelato di Claudio Torce’, Gori, Neve di Latte, Vice and Fatamorgana cannot be beat. My favorite wine bars are Bulzoni, Il Goccetto, Remigio, and La Barrique. For beer, I love Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa, Open Baladin, Birra +, no.au (for wine, too), The Blind Pig, and Brasserie 4:20. Don’t miss pizza by the slice at Pizzarium or pizza bianca at Forno Roscioli.

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And be sure to check out my Rome Dining App available in the App Store and Android Market.

And here are my hotel recommendations.

You can buy my book “National Geographic’s Walking Rome” here.