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Tis the season!

Sazeracs, hot sauce, and bread stuffed with fried things are pretty much all I need to survive, which is why I love New Orleans. There are lots of other reasons The Crescent City has captured my affection. Logically these are also food and (more…)

le spinose antonella
Antonella Deledda shows her fields to RSFP chef Chris Behr on a chilly December afternoon.

The A1, Italy’s major traffic artery, plows north from Rome, roughly following the Tiber River’s path into Umbria and beyond. The stretch between Rome and Florence is particularly busy. But near the Magliano Sabina exit, even just a short distance from the highway, the hum of diesel trucks subsides and gives way (more…)

At Trimani Il Wine Bar, seafood is served in burnt plastic straight out of the microwave.

Back when I was a colleges student in the early aughts, food in Rome was cheap. Some of it was great, some of it wasn’t, but a full meal never broke the bank either way, even for a 20-year-old on a budget. After the euro was introduced, dining out became an expensive endeavor. Those cheap meals doubled, then (more…)

That yellow can of Filippo Berio olive oil is a giant red flag. Run away.

I grew up in central New Jersey eating greasy pizza made by Italians who were either too lazy to source decent cheese, too greedy to splurge on the good stuff, or too confident their clients couldn’t tell the difference. Plenty didn’t have the culture to know any better. I know oily industrial cheese and second press olive oil when I taste it and I am neither willing nor able to overlook Di Fara’s liberal use of both. The ingredients, and consequently, the pizza, at the uber-famous Di Fara in the Midwood section of Brooklyn suck. I explain why on Food Republic.