Fresco of Moses and the Exodus, from the Dura Europos synagogue. Photo © Richard Beck.

This year, Passover begins at sundown on March 25 and ends at sundown on April 1. Bear in mind that Rome’s Jewish community is orthodox and work is prohibited March 26-27 and April 1-2. Work is permitted only on March 28-29 and March 31 with restrictions. These are some listings for sederim, Kosher food products and catering in Rome for Pesach 5773.

Seder Dinners open to the public, reservations essential
9th Annual Seder for English Speaking Students in Rome
Contact for details.

Chabad in Rome Pesach Seder

Shops selling kosher products for Pesach
Mondo di Laura
Via Tiburtina 263
Via della Reginella 18b

Kosher Delight
Tel. +39.065565231

Boccione Pasticceria (Bakery)
Via Portico d’Ottavia, 1
Tel. +39.066878637 (7.30am-7.30pm)

Spizzichino Macelleria (Butcher)
Via del Forte Bravetta,148
Tel. 06.66157796 (7.30-13.30 e 16.30-20.00)

Le Bon Ton Catering
Via Casoria 19
Tel. +39.067026889
Fax +39.067026920

For more information on sederim and services, contact Rome’s Rabbinical Office at +39.0668400651, +39.0668400652, or

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