A selection of recent journalism by, about or featuring Katie Parla:

11/19/2015 Heritage Radio Network: “A Taste of the Past: Rome’s Libyan Jewish Cuisine”

11/19/2015 Trip Advisor: “24 Foodie Travel Bloggers Satisfy Your Vacation Hunger”

11/4/2015 NYT Magazine: “Bittman’s Top 10 Columns”

10/31/2015 Forbes: “A Boozy Tour Of The Best Places To Drink In Rome”

10/27/2015 PUNCH: “The Essential Guide to Drinking in Milan”

10/5/2015 Town & Country: “Forever Rome: A Travel Guide to the Modern Classics of the Eternal City”

9/30/2015 Eater: “Istanbul Street Food Guide: What and Where to Eat”

9/11/2015 NYT “When in Rome, Learn to Cook Italian”

9/11/2015 Fathom “A Boozy Tour of Rome”

9/2015 Italie: “Op Pad Met Locals”

9/2015 Skylife Magazine: “Architecture of Taste”

8/2015 Food & Wine: “Sirloin Strips with Arugula and Tomatoes”

8/2015 Food & Wine: “Spaghetti with Fresh Zucchini Pesto”

8/2015 Food & Wine: “Arborio Rice Salad”

8/18/2015 The Independent: “Independent Travel Awards: which holiday companies go the extra mile?”

8/16/2015 Fathom: “Bars Worth the Hangover”

8/11/2015 Imbibe: “Katie Parla’s Guide to Rome”

8/11/2015 The Guardian: “The 10 Best Ways to Enjoy Florence on a Budget”

8/10/2015 Saveur: “Rome Away From Home”

8/6/2015 Philly.com: “Roman Happy Hour at Alla Spina”

8/3/2015 Beer Scene Magazine: “Italian Craft Beer Happy Hour”

7/29/2015 Boulder Daily Camera: “Pizzeria Locale Brings Rome’s Street Food to Boulder”

7/24/2015 Food Republic: “U’ Gelu Ri Muluni: Palermo’s Watermelon Pudding”

7/15/2015 Eater: “Street Food Guide: How to Eat Cheap in Rome, Italy”

7/14/2015 The Gannet: “6×6”

7/13/2015 The Guardian: “Ten Ways to Enjoy Rome on a Budget”

7/13/2015 PUNCH: “Katie Parla’s Five Essential Places to Drink in Rome”

July/August 2015 Imbibe Magazine: “Roman Holiday”

Summer 2015 The Cask: “Anatomy of a Menu: Osteria Francescana”

Summer 2015 The Cask: “Q&A: Massimo Bottura”

6/25/2015 Saveur: “My Travel Guide to Rome”

6/10/2015 AdWeek: “Mario Batali Shares His Favorite Foodie Apps, Blogs & Instagram Accounts”

A Wake In Rome: “Touring Testaccio with Katie Parla”

6/3/2015 PUNCH: “Is the Standing Bar Doomed to Extinction?”

4/25/2015 Bon Appetit: ‘The 9 Best Pasta Dishes in Rome”

4/2015 Merian: “Tipps für Pizza und Pasta in Rom”

4/3/2015 NYT: “In Rome, Industrial Ruins Take On a Colorful New Profile”

3/23/2015 AFAR: “Why Taking a Food Tour While Traveling Might Be the Best Idea Ever”

3/20/2015 Matador Network: “11 Rome Food Myths That Need To Die”

3/18/2015 NYT Magazine: “For Perfect Pasta, Add Water and a Vigorous Stir”

3/2015 Australian Gourmet Traveller: “Naples Travel Guide”

3/13/2015 Food Republic: “Italian Wedding Soup”

3/1/2015 NPR: “Italian Cheese Lovers Find Their Bovine Match Through Adopt A Cow”

3/2015 Australian Gourmet Traveller: “Italy’s New Wave Pizza”

3/2015 Ronda: “Street Food: Gelato”

2/27/2015 The Local: “Unmissable Spring Foods in Rome”

2/20/2015 Conde Nast Traveler: “Trending at Traveler: What Inspired Us This Week”

2/18/2015 Food Republic: “In Istanbul, Don’t Miss Eating Seafood Along The Upper Bosphorus”

1/9/2015 NYT: “Where to Go in 2015”

1/7/2015 NYT: “How to Travel in 2015”

1/2015 Imbibe Magazine: “2015 Imbibe 75”

1/2015 Imbibe Magazine: “Katie Parla’s Rome”

12/20/2104 National Geographic Traveller: “Rome: City Life”

12/16/2104 Eater: “Joe Bastianich is a Massive Star in Italy”

11/19/2104 PUNCH: “The Essential Guide to Drinking in Rome”

11/19/2104 PUNCH: “The Essential Guide to Drinking in London”

10/25/2014 Sydney Morning Herald: “Rome’s five best tours: Living history”

10/25/2014 The Standard: “Top 20 tips to having the best food adventures abroad”

10/21/2014 The Guardian: “Top 10 cool city tours around the world: guided walks with a twist”

10/21/2014 Eater: “How the Aperol Spritz Became Italy’s Favorite Cocktail”

10/10/2014 Bon Appétit: “13 Food Souvenirs from Istanbul You Should Gift to Family (or Keep for Yourself)”

10/9/2014 National Geographic Traveller: “Best of the Travel Blogs October 2014”

9/2014 Australian Gourmet Traveller: “Istanbul Travel Guide”

9/27/2014 The Guardian: “The foodie traveller: Rome’s new take on pizza”

9/24/2014 Food & Wine: “Rome’s Best Street Food”

9/2014 AFAR: “Roman Holiday”

8/27/2014 Epicurious: “A Look At The Rome Sustainable Food Project, Alice Waters’ Effort To Bring Local Food Culture Back In Italy”

8/27/2014 House of Peroni: “Pianostrada Laboratorio di Cucina”

8/24/2014 House of Peroni: “Di Origine Laziale”

8/21/2014 House of Peroni: “Pizzeria Emma: Transforming Traditional Cuisine”

8/14/2014 House of Peroni: “Mazzo: Taste Modern”

8/12/2014 NYT: “Restaurant Report: 50 Kalò in Naples, Italy”

8/6/2014 Epicurious: “Supplì Size Me: A Look At Rome’s Rice Ball Revolution”

8/4/2014 House of Peroni: “Litro: Divine Destination”

8/4/2014 Hayo Magazine: “How To Enjoy A Summer In Rome: Katie Parla’s Tips”

7/23/2014 Hayo Magazine: “How To Enjoy A Summer In Rome: Katie Parla’s Tips”

7/11/2014 Eater: “Meat Dreams: Italian Chefs on Their First Meat Memories”

7/11/2014 Serious Eats: “8 Must Eat Restaurants in Rome”

6/29/2014 Irish Times: “Hold the Red Sauce”

6/27/2014 Design*Sponge: “In the Kitchen With Katie Parla’s Strawberry-Wine Sorbet”

6/18/2014 PUNCH: “Saturday Night in Rome”

6/13/2014 Eater: “Book Deals: Vivian Howard, Katie Parla, and More”

6/10/2014 Babel Magazine: “Katie Parla: Come Gustare Roma”

6/2014 Travel + Leisure: “Tip Sheet: Chef’s Tour, Rome”

5/26/2014 The Local: “My Italian Career”

5/26/2014 Eater: “Istanbul Heatmap”

5/13/2014 Design*Sponge: “24 Hours in Rome With Katie Parla”

5/2014 Australian Gourmet Traveller: “Hot 100”

5/9/2014 Eater: “Rome Heatmap”

4/24/2014 Houston Chronicle: 48 hours and 20 pies in and around Naples

4/23/2014 PUNCH: “The Feud Over Italy’s Most Mysterious Wine Estate”

4/18/2014 Conde Nast Traveler: “How to Avoid Rome’s Holy Week Crowds”

4/17/2014 Explain You Shelf: “Katie Parla: Food and Travel Journalist and Blogger”

5/2014 National Geographic Traveller: “Insider’s Italy: Campania & The Alto Casertano”

4/4/2014 Saveur: “Best Food Blog Awards”

4/4/2014 Design*Sponge: “In The Kitchen With: Katie Parla’s Concia”

3/25/2014 FlipKey: “Top 25 Culinary Travel Bloggers to Follow for 2014”

3/19/2014 Bon Appétit: “Where to Eat, Drink, and Sleep in Rome, Italy”

3/19/2014 Eater: “Eater Italy Pizza Heatmap”
3/19/2014 Bon Appétit: “These Roman Restaurants Do 1 Dish Well—and Everything Else Terribly”

3/18/2014 Food Republic: “Not a Love Letter: Di Fara Is Home To New York City’s Junkiest Pizza Slice”

3/18/2014 Eater: “Pizza Winer: Here’s blogger Katie Parla on the celebrated NYC pizzeria Di Fara”

3/11/2014 “I’ll Drink to That Podcast”

3/2014 Australian Gourmet Traveller: “Rome Dish By Dish”

3/2014 Australian Gourmet Traveller: “And so to bed…restaurants in Italy with bedrooms”

3/2014 Olive Magazine: “15 Reasons to Visit Rome”

2/1/2014 NPR’s Weekend Edition: “What’s Best To Drink With Pizza And Football?”

1/27/2014 CNN: “Italy’s 20 Regions, Dish by Delicious Dish”

1/26/2014 The Independent: “This Week’s Foodie Moments: Istanbul by Phone”

1/6/2014 Gazzetta Gastronomica: “Cipro Pizza al Taglio”

1/2014 AFAR: “The AFAR Guide to Rome”

1/2014 Fathom: “Fathom 2014 Best Travel Blogs and Websites”

1/2014 Perswijn: “Wijnreis in de stad Rome”

2013 Departures: “Ultimate City Guide”

1/2014 Italy Magazine: “Blog Awards 2013”

1/2014 Ispirato: “Top Food Blogs for Luxury Travelers”

1/2014 New York Times: “52 Places to Go in 2014”

12/24/2013 New York Times: “Does Anchovy Gelato Go With White Wine?”

12/20/2013 Yahoo Food: “What’s the Deal With The Feast of Seven Fishes”

12/6/2013 New York Magazine: “Eat Haute Cuisine in Rome”

12/5/2013 Eater: “Rome Heat Map: Where to eat right now”

11/2013 Sunday Times Magazine: “Food Special Part 1”

11/2013 Sunday Times Magazine: “Food Special Part 2”

11/2013 Sunday Times Magazine: “Food Special Part 3”

11/15/2013 Newsweek: “Vino? No Thanks. We’re Italian.”

11/6/2013 Food & Wine: “Italy’s Most Famous Pizzaiolo Judges New York’s Top Pies”

10/2013 Mario Batali: “Top 5 Rome”

10/30/2013 Eater: “Launches & Releases”

10/29/2013 NYT: “Restaurant Report: Lievito Madre al Mare in Naples, Italy”

10/21/2013 Slice: “Pizza and Italian Craft Beer Pairings: Gabriele Bonci and Katie Parla Team Up at Paulie Gee’s, Brooklyn”

10/21/2013 Eating with Ziggy: “Pizza and Beer with Bonci and Parla”

10/17/2013 Punch: “Istanbul’s Last Cocktail Bar”

10/15/2013 Bon Appétit: “Where to Eat and Drink Near the Vatican in Rome”

10/15/2013 Two Broads Abroad: “Katie Parla’s Rome Part 2”

10/12/2013 Two Broads Abroad: “Katie Parla’s Rome Part 1”

10/8/2013 Lei Foodie: “Katie Parla’s Rome: una nuova app per mangiare e bere nella capitale”

9/16/2013 Two Broads Abroad: “Meet Katie Parla of Parla Food”

9/16/2013 Two Broads Abroad: “Katie Parla on Blogging and Apps”

9/1/2013 Time Out Istanbul: “Istanbul On-The-Go”

9/1/2013 Mondo: “Tehtävä Rooma”

8/23/2013 EurasiaNet: “Going One-on-One With the Cheesemakers of Kars”

8/4/2013 LA Times: “Istanbul Travel Advice”

8/2/2013 Gazzetta Gastronomica: “Un’Americana a Roma”

7/26/2013 Matching Food & Wine: “Why the Italian Craft Beer Scene is So Exciting”

7/24/2013 Liquor.com: “Gourmet Shot: Boozy Gelato”

7/15/2013 Marie Claire Turkey: “Modern Seyyahlar”

7/1/2013 Conde Nast Traveler: “Best New Bars in 20 Cities”

6/28/2013 The House of Peroni: “Introducing the Blogger Mapping Rome’s Edible Landscape”

6/18/2013 NYT: “Restaurant Report: Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica”

6/18/2013 Weekly Pint: “Italian Beer Terroir”

6/1/2013 Sunday Times Travel: “72 Hours in Rome”

5/21/2013 Istanbul Food: “Katie Parla’s Istanbul App”

5/13/2013 Eater: “Istanbul Heatmap”

5/6/2013 Let’s Go with Ryanair: “Head to Trail”

5/6/2013 Endless Vacation: “Hidden Vatican Gems”

5/1/2013 Saveur: “Pairings for Pizza”

5/1/2013 CEI Asia: “6 of the Best Gourmet Experiences in Rome”

4/12/2013 Afar Magazine: “Featured Traveler: Katie Parla”

4/5/2013 NYT: “When in Rome, Eat Like an Expat”

3/28/2013 The Daily Meal: “New Rome Food & Wine Guide Launches”

3/25/2013 The Guardian: “Holidays in Italy – live Q&A”

3/22/2013 Do Bianchi: “Wherefore art thou Romeo? Ask @RomeDigest (& a fav Chianti)”

3/21/2013 NYT: “Restaurant Report: Orquideas in Vieques, Puerto Rico”

3/13/2013 LA Times: “Headed to Rome? You need The Rome Digest”

3/13/2013 Pauline Frommer’s Daily Briefing: “An Introduction to Foodie Rome”

3/13/2013 The Sounder: “Through An (Almost) Roman Native’s Eyes”

March/April 2013 Departures: “Where To Eat And Drink In The New Year”

2/8/2013 NYT Dining: “Weekend Fare”

1/27/2013 NYT Travel: “In Rome, Where Tourists Can Avoid the Traps”

1/23/2013 Connected Traveler: “Connected Traveler Technology Showcase Panels at the New York Times Travel Show”

1/17/2013 Eater: “The Eater Rome Heatmap: Where to Eat Right Now”

1/17/2013 Gadling: “Travel App: Rome For Foodies By Food Blogger Katie Parla”

1/11/2013 NYT Travel: “The 46 Places to Go in 2013”

12/20/2012 Eater: “Food Writers and Experts on What’s Hot and What’s Over”

12/19/2012 Eater: “Food Writers and Experts on the Year’s Untold Stories”

12/18/2012 Eater: “Food Writers and Experts on the Best and Most Overrated Dining Cities of 2012”

12/17/2012 Eater: “Food Writers and Experts Share Their Best Meals of 2012”

12/5/2012 NYT Dining: “What We’re Reading”

11/22/2012 NYT Travel: “In Rome, Art Off the Tourist Trail”

10/2/2012 NYT Travel: “Day 2 in Rome: Katie Parla!”

9/21/2012 NYT Travel: “Restaurant Report: La Barrique in Rome”

9/5/2012 NYT Dining: “A Madison Square Treat, From Rome”

7/19/2012 NYT Travel: “Big Box Italian Food, In Rome”

7/19/2012 NYT Travel: “Hotel Review: Palazzo Margherita in Bernalda, Italy”

7/6/2012 NYT Travel: “On a Turkish Isle, Winds Tend the Vines”

7/2/2012 NYT Dining: “What We’re Reading”

7/2/2012 Rachel Ray Blogs: “A Mobile Roman Holiday”

7/2/2012 Matt Haughey’s A Whole Lotta Nothing: “My Trip to Italy”

6/29/2012 Huffington Post: “Top Apps from Rome”

6/29/2012 Arlene Gibbs Decor: “Traveling to Rome? You Need These Apps”

6/11/2012 NJ Spice: “Katie Parla’s Rome for Foodies”

6/5/2012 Fathom Away: “Hometown Debrief: Katie Parla’s Rome”

6/5/2012 Fathom Away: “Fathom Questionnaire: Katie Parla”

5/30/2012 Condé Nast Daily Traveler: “Mark Zuckerberg Fails to Tip, Should You? The Truth About Tipping Etiquette in Rome”

5/29/2012 Eater: “Six Pizzas in Rome That Will Make You Forget Naples”

5/25/2012 NYT Travel: “Restaurant Report: Boucherie in New Orleans”

5/18/2012 Caput Mundi Cibus: “A Chef’s Guide to Rome”

4/16/2012 Wanted in Rome: “Craft Beer Comes of Age”

3/14/2012 Cross Polinate Blog: “Rome Food Apps”

2/19/2012 NYT Travel: “By the Tiber, A Museum Rises, Pleasures Follow”

2/13/2012 My Life Scoop: “6 Best Travel Food Blogs”

2/12/2012 NYT Travel: “Restaurant Review: Hedone in London”

2/6/2012 Mamma Margaret & Friends: “Katie Parla’s New Rome For Foodies App Now Available”

2/1/2012 The Daily Meal: “New App Focuses on Rome’s Best Eats”

1/29/2012 Bleeding Espresso: “Rome for Foodies App by Katie Parla”

1/25/2012 Los Angeles Times: “Rome for Foodies now for iPhone, iPad and Android”

1/19/2012 The Blissful Adventurer: “IMO Thursday – The Best Food Writer in Rome”

1/19/2012 Chronache di Birra: “La birra sul web: Vinix, KitchenParty e Rome For Foodies”

1/17/2012 10 Best: “Parla Food Events Promote Slow Food, Help Needy”

1/11/2012 National Geographic Intelligent Traveler: “I Heart My City: Katie’s Rome”

12/29/2011 NYT Travel: “Borghese Treasures Return to Rome”

12/25/2011 NYT Travel: “Rome for the Holidays”

12/23/2011 Istanbul Eats: “Best Bites of 2011: Decisions, Decisions”

12/19/2011 NYT Travel: “Dining During a Roman Holiday”

12/15/2011 NYT Travel: “It’s Kosher in Rome’s Ghetto”

11/29/2011 Eater: “The Eater Rome Heat Map: Where to Eat Right Now

11/16/2011 NYT Travel: “What We’re Reading”

11/6/2011 Rome the Second Time: “Food and Wine Happenings in Rome”

9/30/2011 NYT Travel: “Unforgettable Foods, from Austrian Apricots to Parisian Butter”

9/27/2011 NYT Travel: “Q&A: Guided Tours Through Europe”

9/21/2011 Mama Margaret’s Italy Travel & Food News: “How To Eat In Rome Where Few Tourists Go”

8/2/2011 La Cascina, The Journal of Old Tioga Farm: “Parla Talks”

8/2/2011 NYT Travel: “Q&A: Spring Break in Italy? Head to Rome”

7/19/2011 NYT Dining: “What We’re Reading”

6/29/2011 Azkue Fundazioa: “Euskal Herrian zehar bidai gastronimikoa egiten blog bati esker”

6/27/2011 About Basque Country: Una norteamericana explorará el País Vasco durante las próximas dos semanas, por ¡¡¡¡votación popular!!!!

6/21/2011 NYT Travel: “Q&A: Off-the-Path Adventures in Turkey”

6/7/2011 NYT Travel: “Q&A: A Week on Ponza, Italy”

4/22/2011 Do Bianchi: “Quo vadis romae? An app for the Rome-bound pilgrim”

4/12/2011 The LA Times: “Restaurant critic S. Irene Virbila on researching where to eat in Rome”

4/3/2011 La Cascina, The Journal From Old Tioga Farm: “Katie Parla”

3/21/2011 Nile Guide: “Food, Glorious Food: Rome Appsolutely, Part II”

3/11/2011 The Atlantic Food Channel: “In Search of Rome’s Holy Trinity: Pizza, Coffee, And Gelato”

2/17/2011 The Independent: “Digital Digest”

2/17/2011 Pastificio dei Campi Blog: “A Chat With Katie”

1/21/2011 Pilates Con Cucina: “Katie…. occhio clinico e penna arguta… the american eye… Parla…”

1/12/2011 John & Elana Talk About Food: “An American In Rome”

5/25/2010 Eye On Italy Podcast, Episode 6: “Not the Organ Meat Episode”

4/1/2010 NY Mag: “Rome Weekend Escapes”