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Visiting Rome in August used to mean eating badly or seldom, but things have changed in recent years (sadly due to the mounting economic crisis) and now gastronomic-minded visitors need not compromise. Some great restaurants in Rome will be open for the entire month, so whether you want Michelin-star worthy dining, the city’s best burrata, or some down-home offal, you won’t be disappointed. You can also get my August suggestions in portable form on my app under “Tours” –> “Suggestions from Katie”. Speaking of tours, if you are looking for a food tour or wine tasting during your August trip don’t hesitate to contact me!

Please note, these openings have been updated for 2014. They were accurate when published. Be sure to book well in advance and bear in mind that August 15 (The Feast of the Assumption aka Ferragosto) is a national holiday and most (but not all!) businesses citywide will be closed.

Trapizzino Testaccio
Via Giovanni Branca 88 (Testaccio),
Open: Tuesday through Saturday noon-midnight
Closed: August 9-17; from August 19-24, Trapizzino is only open 5pm-midnight

Flavio al Velavevodetto
Via di Monte di Testaccio 97 (Testaccio)
Open: Daily 12:30-3pm & 7:30-11pm
Closed: August 15 at dinner

Cesare al Casaletto
Via del Casaletto 45 (Casaletto)
Open: Thursday-Tuesday 12:30-3pm & 7:30-11pm

Via dei Giubbonari 21 (Centro Storico)
Open: Monday through Saturday 12:30-4pm & 7pm-midnight
Closed: August 15

Antico Forno Roscioli
Via dei Chiavari 34 (Centro Storico)
Open: Monday through Friday 7am-7:30pm, Saturday 7am-2pm

Nonna Betta
Via del Portico D’Ottavia 16 (Ghetto)
Open: Wednesday through Sunday
Closed: August 5-25

Via Properzio 31-33 (Prati)
Open: Monday through Friday 7:30am-1am, Saturday 9am-1am
Closed: August 2-27

Via Silla 26A (Prati)
Open: Monday through Saturday 9am-midnight, Sunday 10:30am-midnight

Via della Meloria 43 (Trionfale)
Open: Monday through Saturday 11am-10pm, Sunday noon-4pm & 6-10pm

Pipero al Rex
Via Torino 149 (Esquilino)
Open: Monday through Saturday, dinner only

Via Giovanni Antonelli 30/32 (Parioli)
Open: Monday through Saturday, dinner only

Via Prenestina 118 (Prenestina)
Open: Daily 12:30-3pm & and 7pm-midnight

Pro Loco DOL
Via Domenico Panaroli 35 (Centocelle)
Open: Shop is open Monday thru Saturday from 9am-11pm; restaurant is open from noon-3pm & 7-11pm
Closed: August 10-17

Via Valle Corteno 31 (Nomentano)
Open: Daily 7:45pm-11:30pm
Closed: August 10-31

Via Statilio Ottato 110/116 (Tuscolana)
Open: Monday-Saturday 7:45pm-1am
Closed: August 10-24

Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà
Via di Benedetta 25 (Trastevere)
Open: Daily 11am to 2pm
Closed: Never

Open Baladin
Via Degli Specchi 5-6 (Centro Storico)
Open: Noon-2am
Closed August 14-17

Via Fratelli Bonnet 5 (Monteverde)
Open Tues-Sun 9am to midnight
Closed: August 9-25

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  • Good to know and will pass it on.

  • Darn! Was hoping Flavio would be open for lunch on Sundays in August. Well, good to know…thanks for the info.

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  • Contrary to popular belief, I think August can be a good time to visit Rome. I’ve had some nice visits there during August. I have an article on August in Italy that I’m updating – – and adding a link to this post as it is very helpful.

  • What about September?! We arrive in Rome on 1st September :)

  • Katie

    here’s where to eat year round in rome:

  • August 15th is a Wednesday. Not a Monday as stated above.

  • Thanks – will take a look at link :)

  • [...] a great list of restaurants open in Rome in August from food blogger Katie [...]

  • I’m a fan of this blog for years. I’m in Rome right now and can confirm closure/opening for other restaurants (mostly mentioned on this blog before). While there are only 10 or so more days, hopefully this saves someone time.

    Closed for August: Osteria Fernanda, L’Asino d’Oro, Tricolore, Aromaticus, Enoteca Provincia Romana, Open Colonna, Armando al Pantheon, Settimio al Pellegrino, Metamorfosi

    Definitely open: La Gensola, Panella

    Not sure: Le Mani in Pasta, I think, is closed too. They have a cryptic note on their website.

    Also, I was sad I couldn’t locate Mesob but went to Porchettoni also mentioned here instead. I took the #14 tram and got off at the 2nd Via Pernestina stop, walked up and down 5 blocks, twice, asked some storeowners and had to give up.

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  • Ciao Katie. My wife and I sincerely trust in your recommendations as well as just a couple other Rome foodie bloggers. I’m trying to pass on our feedback from a recent experience about a restaurant you and most everyone has promoted favorably. We thought Flavio al Velavevodetto was a great quality meal for the price and went about once a month for the authentic cucina romana, but the last few times they have declined significantly and our most recent was a complete fail. Just wanted to give you a heads up that your recommendation may need reviewing. I wrote about the experience on my blog today if you care to read more about it. Ciao!

  • Katie

    hey nick, i have been hearing similarly negative reviews of Flavio! strongly considering removing it from the app, or else editing the entry to include caveats. it is getting harder and harder to eat well in rome these days.

  • I will be in Rome from August 20th through August 28th. Do you have an updated list of restaurants for 2013?

  • I’m enjoying your app and your blog – will you be updating this list for 2013. We’re in Rome on the 23rd, 24th and 25th and wondering about openings of such restaurants as: Da Armando, Costanza, Renato, and Trattoria Monti.

  • Katie

    the app is more or less up to date. i will be making a few additons, which the app will register when you connect to wifi. Armando is closed and so is trattoria monti. i would never recommend the other places, tho!

  • Hi, i live in Bologna (350 km North from Rome) and i monthly go there. Here some restaurant i visited and enjoyed:

    (Many of them are already included in Katie’s list)
    And here my “Wishlist”: next ones i’m going to visit:

    * L’Arcangelo
    * Inopia
    * Salotto Culinario
    * L’Acquolina

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  • At Cesare al Casaletto on my last night, I told the waitress I’d like a plate of the gnocchi fritti and bucatini alla gricia. She paused and said, in Italian, “Just so you know, the gnocchi fritti is a pretty big serving.” I just told her it was fine.

    When she left, my friend was like, “She doesn’t think you can finish all that food.” I’m like, “She obviously doesn’t know me.”

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  • Great post and glad to see some nice options remain open. Cesare al Casaletto was our last meal and one of the highlights which I just blogged about. The only “Miss” comparably was Le Mani in Pasta but looking at your great app Katie I dont see it there now. Was it ever there? I thought it was

  • Katie

    hey ziggy! le mani in pasta has been ditched from the app. i cut it 6 months ago. glad you made it to cesare. that place rocks!

  • My husband and I will be traveling to Rome on the third week of October for our 35th wedding anniversary. We are foodies and wonder if you have any recommendations.

  • Katie

    Hi Carole, thanks for reaching out! You have excellent taste in celebratory destinations. I have lots of recommendations summarized on my apps! You can download them (depending on your smart phone software) here:

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  • Thanks for posting the updated list, Katie. I’ll be in Rome in August so good to know. I tried to download your app but I’m getting a message saying it’s incompatible with my device – a fairly new Samsung tablet – which is unfortunate.

  • Hi. Do you have some list with grat restaurant in Bologna?

  • Katie

    i do not. wish i did!

  • Hi Katie!

    Thank you for all of your great posts. I’m planning a brief trip to Rome in September, which will be part of a larger trip to Ireland. My Mom and I are looking for great eats and ambiance, but on a budget. Do you have any recommendations? We’d like to eat somewhere in Trastevere if possible, since we’ll be on that side of the river visiting the Vatican that afternoon. Even if not in that area, any reliable and inexpensive suggestions would be so helpful!

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